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Anna Muchin (❍1985, fr/gr) is a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, photographer and translator. She grew up between Toulouse and Athens and lives in Brussels.

Under the name Scarlett O’Hanna, she has released records Romance Floats, Impostor and Cheap Bling Bling, with tracks ‘Thieves’ and ‘HK’ featured on BBC and Netflix, and has performed through Europe, in the United States and Japan. Alongside she works as music adviser and dramaturg and writes music scores for radio, dance and film productions.

Anna M. founded s i l e x, a non-profit initiative and conversation partner supporting the development of artistic projects rooted in socio-political contexts.


2023-2024 ‘Have you been on a walk?’, sound piece, iMKonsthall, Moskosel SE
2021 ‘Conversation’/’The Right to Breathe’, photography, Undercurrent NY, USA
‘SoftScores’, collective messages, PACT, Essen DE
2020 ‘Flatten the Curve’, video installation, Moabit/Art in Quarantine, Berlin DE
2019 ‘Somewhere to go’, sound installation, Longueur d’Ondes Fest, Tinos GR
‘The Big Sale’, carte blanche Unbewitch Finance, ERG Gallery Brussels BE
2018 ‘What the Water Tells’, installation, Takasagoyu Kofu JP
‘Summer Praise’, photography, KAK Brussels BE
2016 ‘Everywhere But On The Wall’, photography, Halles St Géry Brussels BE


2020 ‘Flatten the Curve’, issue cover 11, Arts of the Working Class
2019 ‘Sorority’, Engagement Arts Zine n2
‘The Big Sale’ collection, self-published
2018 ‘Made of Water’, self-published


2021 Respect Art Workers international roundtable/Engagement Arts, Athens GR
2020 Women in the Music Industry/Engagement Arts, Galeries, Brussels BE
Work&Care, Contredanse/Engagement Arts, LaBelone Brussels BE
2019 Sexism in the music industry, Girls Go Boom/Engagement Arts, Ghent BE
‘Globalization? Define Wealth’, EHESS, Paris FR


2023 Moskosel Creative Lab, SE
2022 BUDA Kortrijk, BE
2021 La Caldera, Barcelona SP
KAAI Theater w Engagement Arts, Brussels BE
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels BE
PAF, St Erme FR
2020 Workspacebrussels, Brussels BE
PAF, St Erme FR
2019 BUDA Kortrijk, BE
2018 Hidokei, Fukuoka JP
KAK, Brussels BE
2017 PAIR, Matsudo JP

script translation

To Go Down / Descendre fiction by François Badoud, 2024
Like the air that carries you / Comme l’air qui te porte documentary by Cabiria Chomel, 2023
Pearl / Perle documentary by Yasmina Hamlawi, 2022
Anaïs fiction by Joachim Glaude, 2021
After the Storm / Après la Pluie documentary by Jeanne Debarsy, 2020
In Dire Need of A Caress / Dans Les Creux Dangereux fiction by collectif wow, 2020
With the Wind / Avec le Vent documentary by Jeanne Debarsy, 2018
When the Tide Falls / Quand la mer se retire documentary by Aurélie Boudet & Ecaterina Vidick, 2018


Goldsmiths University of London Programming synthesisers, 2022
Goldsmiths University of London Film music composition, 2021
Goldsmiths University of London Music production: mixing and mastering, 2021
Goldsmiths University of London Field recording composition, 2019
University P. Valéry, Montpellier MA translation eng-fr-gr, 2005-2010
Ecole de Musique, St Orens Music theory & classical piano degree, 1991-2002

commissioned by / collaborated with

Claire Vivianne Sobottke, choreographer, dancer (soft scores) · Vera Tussing, choreographer, dancer (Lapdance / Both Two) · Marion Sage, choreographer, dancer (Grand Tetras) · Atelier Création Sonore Radiophonique· Denis Leborgne, editor (soh)· Makkina/Michael Picknett, composer (The Mouvement) · Elisabeth Debourse, journalist, editor (Salade Tout) · Joachim Glaude, sound artist (Anais) · Mehdi Bayad, director, writer (Jvc) · Katerina Evaggelakou, director (Ores koinis isyhias)· Annemie Osborne, cellist · Eva Betavatzi, writer, cadtm member · Unbewitch Finance Lab · Karolien Chromiak, visual artist (glitching the home) · Coral Ortega, choreographer, dancer (todas las silver) · Chloe Chignell, choreographer, writer (poems and other emergencies) ·