Anna Muchin (b.1985) is a French-Greek artist based in Brussels. A music composer, singer and performer, she works with photography, text, and sound to explore societal realities through everyday’s ‘little things’. Her artistic and academic background intertwine early classical piano and theory studies, years as national level rhythmic gymnast and a MA in Translation. 

As ‘Scarlett O’Hanna’, she has composed and produced records Cheap Bling Bling (2009), Impostor (2011) and Romance Floats (2014) and has toured in Europe, Usa and Japan. Her collaborations have included playing support for Wilco, Cocorosie, touring with She Keeps Bees, creating with Nate Kinsella (aka Birthmark), Peter Silberman (The Antlers), sound designing for dance, fashion or the cinema.