Originating from Athens, Anna Muchin and Eva Betavatzi ally to mix images, poetry, sound in a research performance to address the Greek crisis through intimate voices and personal perspectives.

Tuesday 19.02.19 // 18h30 @ ERG Gallery Space – Rue du page 87, 1050 Bruxelles

Eva Betavatzi (1984)

Eva Betavatzi is an architect. Due to the economic situation of the country, she leaves the Greek capital and base herself in Brussels in 2014. She is an active member of CADTM – Committee for the Abolition of the Illegitimate Debt- revoking the mechanisms of debt and studying political alternatives to austerity. 


Anna Muchin (1985)

French-Greek multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels, Anna Muchin is a writer, composer and singer, as known as Scarlett O’Hanna, also active in photography or video and has shown her creations in Europe, USA and Japan. She also works as a translator and copywriter.

www.scarlettohanna.com   www.annamuchin.com

The Big Sale based on a text by Anna Muchin (commissioned by kunstencentrum BUDA)

Concept: Anna Muchin & Eva Betavatzi / Documentation: Eva Betavatzi

Images, Texts, Music: Anna Muchin

Editing: Denis Leborgne, Gilles Grégoire

Photos demonstrations: Max Gyselinck, Krasnyi Collective

© 2019

In the framework of the exhibition Cabinet de Curiosités Economiques by the collective Désorceler la Finance at ERG